IBIZA BEATZ bring the magical spirit of Ibiza’s nightlife to your club. Enjoy the White Island’s style anytime, anywhere! IBIZA BEATZ are recognized worldwide as a premium brand in the nightlife entertainment music industry. Every tour event is musically driven by one of the Ibiza Beatz Resident Djs, who all embrace a wide range of musical styles.

All our events include performance shows by our unique dancers and stunning, outrageous costumes. Throughout the years IBIZA BEATZ have built a wide network of loyal fans and promoters around the world.

IBIZA BEATZ are going to take you on a journey & create an experience that will go beyond and stay forever! BE PART OF IT!

Take your chance and use the large international social media network of Ibiza Beatz, expand your fan base and get the Ibiza Beatz spirit to make your event successful and unforgetable!

We have 3 amazing packages to choose from – Gold, silver or bronze

We have already brought the magic of Ibiza to Austria and Italy.

We look forward to hearing from you and bringing the spirit of Ibiza to your club.




Sabrina Hartl / phone: +4369911097364 / mail:


Jodie Dyer Stephens/ phone: :+61433433545 / mail:

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