In the booth with Lola Heart

We caught up with Katie Valentine and her twin double Lola Heart to find out what inspires her, how she started, her new EP Ghetto Baby and her upcoming Europe tour!

It’s not your first time in Ibiza and we doubt it will be your last. What is it about Ibiza that inspires you?
An island dedicated to the best clubs and killer acts from all over the world ? Who wouldn’t be inspired Every DJ is here playing what is right for them and because they worked hard. They save all their best records for the European summer so coming here and hearing it all first is incredible

Tell us what is was that made you start djing?
My father. He used to play on his little CDJ 350’s every single weekend while me and my friend drank the cask wine he bought us. Whenever I go home to the Gold Coast we lock ourselves in the garage with a carton of booze and play back to back.

Have you got anything else exciting happening while you’re in Europe?
I am playing sonar week in Barcelona heading over to Berlin to check out fusion festival and lose my mind for a week And the vocalist on my next track lives in London so I’m heading over there to do the film clip for ‘Wonderland’

Tell us a bit about your latest releases.
Earlier this year I released my first EP called ghetto baby. It was super nerve racking as a female and as an alias, you want it to be perfect, to reflect who you are and what your sets are going to sound like should someone come see you play. As a female, people automatically assume you don’t have any contribution to the writing of your records so I spent almost a year perfecting this. I have just finished my next 3 releases which feature Moodmachine and Melbourne vocalist/unicorn Sophia Sin

What party will we see you partying at when in Ibiza and why?
Sankeys. Cuff. Party. Every. God. Dam. Week. I absolutely adore Cuff as a record label and every single record they put out is on point

Which artists inspire you the most?
Ajax – in an industry that promotes so much hate, backstabbing, and competition, Ajax had the ability to inspire everyone who crossed his path to be the best we can be whilst still being #1 DJ in Aus (all without ANY social media) He had this ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the room, and that open set you’re playing at your local pub this weekend is fucking HUGE and you should be proud.

What track has been featuring in all of your sets recently?
Work it – Sonny Fodera Everything Sonny touches turns to gold

You have a twin double Katie Valentine? What provoked the birth of a second alias?
To be honest I just wanted to play this music for free for friends and not go through an agency so I came up with an alias name. I started releasing music and getting booked and a year later I am signed to Milkfed ! Promoters have a really hard time differentiating it from my KV stuff and I have found this a very big obstacle when trying to achieve what I want with this alias. But music will always speak for itself so I am just focusing on releasing strong records under each name

Have you got anything else exciting happening over the next few months other than of course Ibiza?
I have been spending a lot of time in the studio. I have finished my next 3 Lola releases and next 3 Katie ones. I also just did a Lola Heart remix of my next KV track as well which was really fun to do! I want to have a lot of music come out and my sound defined before Australian summer comes around

What has been the highlight in your career so far?
Quitting my job as a waitress and pursuing music full time, partying with some of my idols and the constant flow of good vibes and hangovers.

What has been your favourite gig of all time?
Circus. Every single Sunday. I feel like I really grew up here. Having that 90 minute slot every week to a crowd that has an open heart and an open mind has helped me to experiment with sounds, figure out what works for me and what doesn’t and really mould my sets into a sound that reflects the music I am writing/want to write

If you could pick one place, club or festival to play at anywhere in the world… which would it be?
So many things come to mind right now but definitely Berghain in Berlin I lined up for 2.5 hours to get in there last year and it was one of the most magical experiences, the music, the sound system, the people; it was so hot in there I ran around in my underwear dancing until the wee hours of the morning !

How does Ibiza compare to Melbourne? (culture, club, music and people wise)
The music scene in Melbourne is second to none. I moved down here in a heartbeat after my first gig. It is the closest thing to Europe in Australia Our clubs are open until 9am We throw techno parties on Mondays We have our own dance move DJs support each other We have a thriving street press culture; pamphlets, flyers, mags sporting the broad range of musical events on everynight of the week can be find in bars and cafes all around. Most importantly you can get booze anytime of the day.

Favourite track of all time?
Who’s afraid of Detroit – Claude Vonstroke There I said it.

Check out the mix Katie made for us here!

Words: Jodie DS

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