Once you wander outside the confines of the touristy spots of Playa D’en Bossa and San Antonio, as you’d expect there are a plethora of beautiful beaches scattered all over the island (more than 48). With all of these I’d say try and make a day of it by getting there early, and if there’s a crew of you going bring a cooler and load up on some cheap sangria, beers, baguettes and aioli.

1.Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa is situated on Ibiza’s west coast near San Antonio. This wee beach can be reached by boat for a couple of quid or by the number 7 bus from the bus station for about €3. (I’d recommend the boat myself, it’s a short journey and you pass by some nice inlets along the way). If you’re into your tunes, arrive early and you might get a spot in front of the DJ booth of the Calla Bassa Beach Club, where some smooth lounge house is the order of the day. For the more adventurous ones, the beach is surrounded by rustic and rocky terrain making it perfect for some cliff jumps into a crystal clear sea. And don’t worry, if you’re like me and you get sun burnt from standing in front of the cooker for too long, there are plenty of trees towards the back of the beach providing some much needed cover. The last boat back to San An leaves at around 7pm, as does the last bus, so to make the most of it arrive early or you could find yourself hitch hiking home!

2.Cala Gracio

It took me a month to discover this place, stumbling across it one evening whilst out for a jog. This hidden gem is situated right on your door step if you’re living in San An, yet not many people know of its existence. It has two beaches separated by a five minute uphill walkway. The little beach is my favourite place to go on those days you can’t be bothered with public transport, and want a nice, relaxing day within walking distance from downtown San An.

3.Cala Vadella

Situated on the road to San Jose on the West coast of Ibiza, Cala Vadella is one of my favourite spots to watch the sunset on the island. The beach can be reached by two bus routes the number 26 and the number 42, however if possible, I’d recommend renting out a moped for the journey as you’ll want to explore the surrounding areas anchoring this picturesque bay. You can grab a hammock for €4 and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the intricately detailed sand castles curated by a very talented local woman.


Situated in the very North of the island near San Miguel, this unique spot is best visited for its legendary Sunday sunsets as an army of hippies with bongo drums, mojitos and hand crafted goods descend on the beach to celebrate the sunset. This weekly tradition dates back to the infamous ‘day of the drums’ when on Sunday 18th August 1991, anti-war activists gathered on the beach in protest against the gulf war. The beach can be reached by the Aqauabus boat which departs from San An harbour at 11am with the last boat back at 7pm, however it’s a long auld boat ride so I’d strongly advise renting scooters out for the journey.


Ok it’s classed as an island, but is renowned above all else for its stunning beaches that I thought I’d include it here. Situated about a 30 minute ferry ride from Bossa, Formentera is a perfect place to escape and give you a taste of what island life was like in bygone days. Its creamy white sand beaches, and crystal clear turquoise water give this place an altogether Caribbean feel. This feature, coupled with its stunning landscape and picturesque bike trails makes it a must see for me. Yet again it is our trusted friends at Aquabus who provide daily trips to the magical isle leaving from Playa D’en Bossa harbour.

6.Ses Salinas

Situated on the southern most tip of the island, Ses Salinas is a 5 minute drive from the Airport. The beach is named after the beautiful salt lakes that you pass by on the drive to the beach, and has a cool, calm, happy vibe to it. At the back of the beach is the Jockey Club restaurant, where an array of delicious sea food is on offer. A popular spot with the many celebrities who frequent the island, the restaurant is a good place to people watch so have the camera on standby!

7.Cala D’hort

Cala d’hort is situated on Ibiza’s west coast and is the best spot on the island to get a glimpse of Es Vedra. According to popular legend, Nostradamus the French psychic, predicted that Es Vedra will be the only place that support’s human life after Armageddon, and we at Ibiza Beatz kind of like the idea of living out our last days on this tranquil rock! As the beach is not the biggest it can get very busy especially around sunset, so arrive early. Rather inconveniently, Cala D’hort can only be reached by car, my guess is that the narrow cliff side roads surrounding the beach could be a tad dangerous for a bus load of people. There are a couple of really nice restaurants in the vicinity also which are well worth a visit.

8.Playa D’en Bossa

By no means the most beautiful beach on this list, I thought I’d include Playa d’en Bossa as it has such a unique party atmosphere. Tourists flock from all over the world to party all day and night here, as music is pumped through the speakers of the infamous Jet Apartments and Bora Bora beach bar. Further along the beach just past Ushuaia beach club, one can enjoy a much lower key beach party inside the intimate confines of Sands beach club. Sands regularly features top international talent such as Tini and the Gang, as well as playing host to Carl Cox’s birthday bash in late August, where the legend himself gets behind the decks for the day. From San Antonio you must take the bus number 3 to Ibiza Town followed by the number 14 to Playa D’en Bossa.

These are just a few of our suggestions at Ibiza Beatz, in fact Ibiza is home to over 48 beautiful beaches so you might need a few trips back to the island to explore them all!

Words: Daniel McCarthy

© 2014 Ibiza Beatz