This time only comes around once a year, as the weather get’s warmer, the shorts get shorter, the drinks begin to flow, the clothes come off, the stars align and the sun decides it’s time to party. With opening parties and events kicking off the sweet summer season across the white isle, we have something super special in store for you and your friends here at Ibiza Beatz. Blessed with the combination of tropical underground flavoured duo Monkey Safari and the sweet vibrant sounds of Super Flu, chuck that in the mix with the charismatic Karl Friedrich and we got ourselves a killer opening party, not for the faint hearted.

Pushing exclusivity to the full extent with the party being limited to only 150 passengers, it will be nothing short of a very intimate atmosphere and environment. Embarking from the port at Playa D’en Bossa, the 4-hour party will take a journey across some of the most beautiful beaches of Formentera, Ses Selinas, Cala Jondal and Es Vedra. A fine selection of complementary drinks from sangria and beer to cava and fresh watermelon bowls will also be offered, fresh finger food, show acts and dancers… the list goes on and on, only to be backed up by free entry to one of the best parties in Ibiza afterwards.

Riding in with the power to deliver sunshine to world’s rainiest open air events, Monkey Safari bring rays of light to whatever dance floors they cast their shimmering spell on. If you’re unaware of the German brothers Sven and Lars, then now is your time for me to bring you up to speed. Fresh off the back of their Cranes EP, the gents are constantly on the move… being self proclaimed nightlife addicts with a strong passion for the club culture, they’re here for the same reason as everyone else – for the love of the music, the good times and the great classic hits.

You may have heard some of their classic tunes Those Dancing Days, Jorg or Hi Life, all of which have made such a significant mark in their journey. They are no strangers to the scene with their own label and club Charles Bronson in their hometown of Halle – which has played home to many artists such as Catz’n’Dogz, Andhim, the Adana Twins and Superflu just to name a few. Their distinctive sound has been described as ‘happy music to get drunk to’, exactly what we’re after right?

Super Flu on the other hand, an electronic, unconventional duo, who push the boundaries with music and their characters as ‘weird and fun tech house guys’ that like to play with goo, toy instruments and beautiful ladies. If they’re not using their imagination and shooting naked photos of themselves riding Falcor, the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story; or constructing life size cut-out coulisse’s then they’re down to business.

“The ambition of connecting traditional and modern electronic music in terms of vitality and joy of life.” Without letting their extended creativity and mischievous acts get in the way of their music, the boys have also been hard at work lately, with the release of their album Halle Salle last year followed up closely by their collaboration with Dortmunder Philharmoniker, Volkwein… which was an absolutely phenomenal release. Super Flu’s acoustic art takes music a step forward, and still remains techno on a range of different levels, taking you on a melodic journey.

Karl Friedrich, also from Halle, a Charles Bronson repeat offender, and fellow Jackmode house-y techno prodigy whose music is described as “more of less heavy bass drums, crunch snares, hissing hi-hats and not and then some well portioned vocals, using everything out of his well-assorted store-room that shakes legs and warms hearts to cook his own precisely seasoned soup.”

Martin Waslewski paints a picture taking you on a journey without even saying a word. He grew up with the love for hip hop and has since found his love for electronic music 5 years ago. He has tracks on multiple labels including Monaberry, Sunset Handjob, Hommage and Exploited Ghetto.

There it is. It’s not rocket science, the event will sell out quite quickly. Tantra Bar when the clock strikes 3 on the afternoon of May 28, you’re either there or you’re missing out.

To buy tickets or more information CLICK HERE, adios x

Words: Jiay Mills

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